5G Leadership Programmes

The 5G philosophy is a vision for a society that is Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded, and Grateful. At WOW Kampung, we believe these are the essential foundation of life skills for successful students and a flourishing society.

Our 5G leadership programmes prepare students and teachers to champion the 5Gs in their community and in their career to find meaningful way to work, play and live.

Our programmes can be customised to fit unique needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

5G Teachers Retreat

Would you like to bring the 5G philosophy into your school culture? Weather as part of a curriculum planning retreat, or full day of team building the 5G way, we can help reconnect your team with one another and with their sense of joy and purpose at work.

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5G Survivor

Learn the meaning of true necessity and develop resilience, problem solving and adaptability in this 1 day crash course through disaster simulation.

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5G Career Readiness

Become the job candidate with a purposeful sense of joy that employers love to meet.

Learn how a 5G character is expressed through our body language and the way we engage with people and practice applying the 5Gs for impressive interviews, and networking sessions.

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Be a part of the 5G Generation

Get to know one of our young leaders through this inspiring talk on character and values and how they have the power to shape a prosperous and happy life for us. Inspire your students as they hear the personal story of one of our young leaders who have found success, happiness and purpose in their lives by practicing the 5Gs values.

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5G Leadership Camp

This unrivalled experience of this 4D, 3N camp puts the 5Gs into action through immersive scenario based learning. Students will gain in depth understanding of why the 5Gs are important to their lives and to society, and gain practical skills that they can apply in their daily life.

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5G Ambassador Training

This one day on site workshop challenges you to put the 5Gs into practice in our living classroom. Discover the environment as a partner in teaching values and nurturing a well-rounded character as you build a deeper understanding of the 5Gs in order to practice them in your own life and become a 5G ambassador.

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5Gs in Education

Learn how the 5Gs can be a part of your classroom, integrating good values and character throughout your instruction. This programme for teachers provides real examples of simple, time effective ways to integrate values education throughout the curriculum.

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