Environmental Education

From connecting to the land and healing the earth, to finding the interconnections in our daily lives to act on waste, and climate change, WOW Kampung brings the knowledge and heart to environmental education.

Programmes are suitable for entire year groups, or green clubs.

In 2013 & 2014, WOW Kampung was a training partner for WWF for their eco-schools programmes. Contact us to find out what makes our environmental programmes a unique truly experiential learning for students.

Amazing Earth

Get to know Earth’s stunning biodiversity, materials and the impacts that even a short exposure to nature has on our own mind and body.

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Ignite excitement and ownership for environmental action.

EPIC casts students as the selected champions of a very real network of young leaders that is growing throughout Singapore to save our Earth.

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Meet JOE

Introduce your child to a special friend that is so important for their mental and physical well being as well as their future.

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Personal Sustainability

Give your students an intuitive understanding of their connection to nature and the importance of sustainability in our lives through an immersive one day workshop.

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