Be a part of WOW Kampung

As the education arm of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), WOW Kampung was founded by long serving GUI volunteers.

It’s important to us that everyone working with us has an understanding of our philosophy and approach. The vast majority of  those of us now with WOW Kampung started out as volunteers with Ground-Up Initiative, so the best way to become a part of WOW Kampung is to become a part of Ground-Up Initiative.

WOW Kampung’s activities are growing rapidly, so we’re constantly on the look out for new talent among GUI volunteers.

If you’d like to be part of nurturing a sustainable, purposeful and joyful society, there are many opportunities to get involved with Ground-Up Initiative. Head over now and find out how you can get involved.

Join Ground-Up Initiative

From time to time we do have positions that need filling which are listed below, but even for those positions, preference will be given to those that have volunteered with Ground-Up Initiative.

As a young start-up all of us practice frugality and enterprising spirit so as to nurture our vision of a sustainable, purposeful future through WOW. At this time we are not able to compete with commercial salary, but are committed to providing purposeful involvement for those that join us based on fair share.


Instil a joyful sense of purpose in others.

“This is how I dreamed of teaching.”

 - Former Primary School Teacher after joining our team

Do you love the outdoors or being hands on? Are you looking for a chance to use your passion for the environment and people to inspire others to be their best?

Join WOW Kampung in spreading our vision for a society that is Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded and Gracious. Through unique outdoor, hands on activities in our living classrom, we inspire people to lead a fulfilling life by applying the 5Gs.

We’re seeking passionate trainers to learn to nurture others in a beautiful and joyful environment.

Join us and learn to:

  • Captivate and inspire people of all ages
  • Help to train facilitators
  • Assist in development of new programmes

Turn your passion for helping others into leadership.

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Shape young heartsDo you want to put a smile on young people’s faces and enrich them at the same time?

The two can go hand in hand.

Discover the joy in connecting students to our precious earth and teaching them to be active and positively connected in their community.

In 2012, we reached out to over 1,000 students to connect Teach through funthem with the Earth and with the foundations of good character, our first new batch of facilitators in January 2013 reached 600 students in one week! As our programmes continue to spread and grow, we need a pool of people who are keen to spread joy and nurture character.

Join the Kampung crew of experienced facilitators to bring joy, purpose and a kind heart to students of all ages.

Learn to

  • Captivate an audience
  • Improvise with confidence
  • Manage large groups
  • Tell stories
  • Facilitate games
  • Teach and guide others with compassion

Other areas of involvement

  • Assist with preparations and set up for programmes
  • Liaise with teachers and other education professionals

We’re looking for people who bring a enthusiasm and warmth to their work.

Facilitators will join in our core team training programme to prepare you to reach out and spread values in our community. Read more →


Want to discover what it’s like to work in a social enterprise that is impacting society?
Looking for an experience that is both challenging and purposeful?
Looking to work with people that are passionate about helping others?

WOW Kampung runs holistic education programmes to shape individuals that are grounded, sustainable and who find purpose and joy in their work. Our training programmes reach students of all ages, teachers and corporate executives to nurture a healthy workplace and sense of responsibility for one another and our future.


  • Discover the drive that gives you the edge: People always remark on the quality and passion of our team – unlock your drive and the advantages that comes with it.
  • Become a clear communicator: Make a genuine connection with people, be it in sales, or within a team.
  • Learn about social innovation: Work with an people that have impacted thousands of lives to build a more caring and sustainable world.
  • Become a doer: Work in an environment that fosters initiative and adaptability.
  • Make a difference: Become involved in our programmes and see how they touch people’s lives and change their mindset around the environment and society.

No experience is required for an internship, only a willingness to learn and enthusiasm for contributing.

Application Process

Join a Balik Kampung session with Ground-Up Initiative and at the end ask to speak with someone from WOW Kampung.

An internship is as much about learning a good work ethic and culture as it is about getting involved in the practical day to day running of the organisation. Therefore, we feel it’s essential that all interns come to join us the same way that all our key staff members have – by learning our culture and values through working with the GUI community – our not for profit sister organisation.

Come prepared for outdoor work and be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Operations Team

Like all great endeavours, not everyone works on the front line. Behind the scenes, an equally passionate team provides essential support to ensure smooth operations as we reach out to thousands of hearts in 2013.

Looking for a change? Something fresh, and meaningful, but not sure where to start? Join the operations team at WOW Kampung.

Be a part of:

  • supporting real, impactful change in our society
  • a positive work culture that seeks happiness in balance with career
  • a supportive team that believes in helping one another to do our best
  • a dynamic start-up culture

Your role will be helping to:

  • Co-ordinate and deploy our teams of passionate facilitators.
  • Develop and execute new programmes
  • Liaise with teachers and training managers to help understand their needs.
  • Grow a dynamic team creating meaningful programmes
  • Prior experience in events, or logistics is desirable but not essential – we will help you learn to be your best.
  • At WOW Kampung we foster a gotong royong spirit in our work environment as well as our teaching: there will be times when you will be asked to contribute to activities outside your scope of duties, just as you will also be supported by the team when you need assistance.

WOW Kampung believes in balance and equality. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds and walks of life.