5G Ambassador Training

Duration: 4-8 hours
Venue: SL Kampung
Bottle Tree Park, Yishun
Audience: Secondary & Tertiary students

Learning Objectives

  • Participants are able to articulate and advocate the 5G’s and their relevance to society and themselves
  • Participants begin to practice the 5Gs in their own life
  • Participants are able to become leading examples of the 5Gs in action in their school and community

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This half day or full day on site workshop challenges you to put the 5Gs into practice in our living classroom. Discover the environment as a partner in teaching values and nurturing a well-rounded character as you build a deeper understanding of the 5Gs in order to practice them in your own life and become a 5G ambassador.

The 5G Ambassador training programme creates a practical understanding of the 5Gs through integration of practical experience and conceptual learning.

Through a half or full day you will become grounded in actual experience of practicing the 5Gs – being Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded and Grateful. From this foundation specialised training according to your customisation preferences will help you to apply the 5Gs to community or schools outreach, or to a specialised aspect of learning or leadership.

See our optional modules below to create the perfect holistic character education for your needs.

Optional Modules

There are two options for customisation of the programme during the day: back-to-basics and 5Gs intensive.

Options For Back-to-Basics

Going back to basics is a core training that returns character to its home as the centre of holistic teaching. Through this essential training the seeds of the 5Gs will be sown through experiential learning.

Participants may choose up to 3 of the following modules to fill a Back-to-Basic slot of 120-mins. Choice of modules must be chosen before the class for the necessary materials to be prepared.

Module Description Learning Areas
Introduction Recommended for first timers.
An introduction to going Back-to-Basics and SL Kampung’s urban farming terrace.
Persistence, Interconnectedness
Composting Learn how to compost for large or small gardens. Natural Cycles, Waste Management
Water Filtration Discover the challenges of clean water and the ways that people around the world tackle the challenge. Water Cycle, Hygene, Gratitude
Resilience through Back-to-Basics An extended Back-to-Basics session learning to apply urban farming skills. This extended session provides time for quiet reflection while developing one’s resilience.*Recommended for students requiring development in the areas of patience, resilience or persistence of effort. Resilience, Persistence, Reflection & Observation, Interconnectedness, Gratitude, Groundedness

Options For 5G Intensive Module

The 5G intensive modules are designed to allow in depth application of the 5Gs to oneself, an area of relevance to the students, or to develop ideas for outreach or integration of the 5Gs into the community.

Module Description
Facilitated work planning Our facilitator will guide your group through a planning session. This module is useful to gain a new perspective on programme, outreach or curriculum planning.
Communications training Our lead trainers with over 25 years combined experience facilitate two hours of intensive communications training to nurture genuine connection and presence.
The Earth Imperative In depth environmental education session covering climate change, our relationship with nature and the practical solutions necessary at home and at school for a sustainable future.
Creating experiential learning A guided workshop on applying the tools we use at the Kampung to create experiential and scenario based programmes.
Crash course in design thinking A crash course in applying design thinking skills to outreach and programme planning.
5Gs for Story Tellers For students of performing and media arts, this module guides students on applying the 5Gs to story development. The module highlights how an understanding of the 5Gs can make stories more moving and meaningful, and helps students to better understand their responsibility to their audience as story tellers.

Preparations and Materials

All programmes at our SL Kampung practice humility, groundedness and personal responsibility.

Participants should be prepared for outdoor activities, and bring appropriate clothing and equipment:

  • Covered, closed shoes
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle
For full day programmes where lunch is required, we put personal responsibility into practice and ask all participants to bring their own, non-disposable, plate or bowl and cutlery.
Habits of the Mind

Habits of the Mind Addressed In This Programme

For MOE schools that apply the Habits of the Mind, this programme relates to the following areas:

1. Persisting
The outdoors activity will require a level of persistence and hard-work – building up self-discipline in this area.

2. Managing impulsivity
Gaining an appreciation of the long term work required by farmers through our urban farming, participants learn about the value of patience and delayed gratification, and the need to stay with tasks that are not immediately rewarding.

3. Meta-cognition
During the outdoor activities, participants are given time to work on tasks alone. The time alone, coupled with practical tasks that require a small to moderate level of focus, free the mind to slow down and for participants to become aware of their thoughts and thinking processes. Following the outdoor activities, participants will sit quietly to allow time for analysis of their own thinking processes.

4. Gathering data through all the senses
Our hands on, scenario based activities require the use of all senses for success. During quiet reflection time following activities, example activities of asking participants to close their eyes will enable them to focus on the information coming from the other senses.

5. Creating, imagining, innovating
Through the scenario based activities, participants will be exposed to new ways of learning that will fire their imagination. During and after these scenarios, participants will be required to imagine themselves under such circumstances and their impacts – evaluating their initial actions.

6. Responsible risk taking
Our scenario based activities create a frame work where participants can practice evaluating risks and take calculated risks in a dynamic environment. This enriches their adaptability and capability to respond rapidly to changing circumstances and to take appropriate risks within a changing world.

7. Responding with wonderment and awe
The natural world is breath taking in employing ingenious simplicity that creates a rich and complex world of interconnections. The environment of the SL Kampung presents an exciting opportunity to engage with all the wonder of nature and re-awaken a sense of awe.

8. Clarity of Communication
Necessitated by most of the 5G Intensive modules, participants will learn to verbalise their cognitive understanding of the 5Gs philosophy while developing it into an outreach for potential execution.

Programme Schedule

For a Detailed Programme Schedule with Tabled Contents, please contact WOW Kampung.

The presented Programme Schedules may be adjusted to suit special requests and considerations as would be appropriate.

Contact us to discuss how the programme can be customised for your needs.