5G Leadership Camp

Duration: 4 Days & 3 Nights
Venue: SL Kampung
Bottle Tree Park, Yishun
Audience: Secondary & Tertiary
Attendance: 60 pax
Minimum: 40 pax
Maximum: 80 pax

Learning Objectives

  • Integration of the 5Gs into students life and behaviour
  • Build foundation for resilience, perserverence and mental well being
  • Students are able to champion the 5G philosophy in their community
  • Students take personal responsibility for promoting and enacting a 5G society

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This unrivalled experience puts the 5Gs into action through immersive scenario based learning. Students will develop in depth understanding of why the 5Gs are important to their lives and to society, gaining practical skills that they can apply in their daily life. This valuable learning experience gives your students a foundation for resilience, good character, mental health and success that can last a lifetime.Ideal for CCA camps, leadership preparation and character development.

The 5G Leadership Camp provides participants an in-depth practical understanding of living in a 5G community through integration of practical experience and conceptual learning with the primary goal of nurturing 5G Leaders who would champion their 5G respective communities.

The 5G philosophy is a vision for a society that is Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded, and Grateful. One of the central tenants of the 5G leadership camp is personal responsibility: learning to play your part in civic duty and to build a foundation for resilience, good character, mental health and success that can last a lifetime. Students will practice responsibility for themselves and their spaces.

Key Activities

Following are key activities that are utilised to inculcate the 5Gs through practical, experiential outdoors learning.

Urban Farming
› Farming cultivates patience, perseverance, and humility – key qualities of a resilient and gracious individual.
› This thoroughly hands on activity teaches the value of hard work, and the necessity for practical approach to work.
› Through urban farming, participants discover gratitude for those that toil so hard to bring food to our plates.
› This experience highlights the realities of food security and our dependency on the natural environment for our daily food.

Outdoor Camping
› Participants will learn to see how leadership, self organisation and discipline are important in their community as they build, maintain and manage their own outdoor campsite over four days.
› Participants are empowered to organise and care for others, they develop strategies and systems to successfully manage their team and camp ground.

Nature Walk
› The highlight for many participants at our camps is the night walk – many find our students profoundly changed after a night time nature walk – discovering the power of team work and becoming more at ease in nature.
› Throughout the camp participants will discover a healthy respect for nature. During the day students will explore the biodiversity surrounding bottle tree park discovering the calm and mental well being that is instilled by a connection to nature.

Communications and Emotional Intelligence Exercises
› A strong predictor for success, it is vital that all youth’s emotional intelligence is nurtured through continuous interaction and cooperation on an empathic and team-orientated level with focus on what is best for the group.
› Throughout the camp, team building and communications games teach fundamental interpersonal and relationship skills – developing the emotional skills necessary for a well rounded 5G leader.

Community Cooking
› More than just making a meal to fill the stomach, participants learn the true meaning of graciousness and gratitude as they prepare a meal together for their fellow 5G leaders.
› Express gratitude through food as our Kampung Chef guides the participants in creating a delicious meal for all to enjoy.

Water Security
› Modules on water scarcity and security help participants to understand the importance of conservation and in not taking our luxuries for granted. Water is used as an entry point into understanding other ways of life and the situation of others around the world, many of whom do not have the same access to clean water that we do.
› Students will be responsible for managing their water usage throughout the camp and measuring the consumption of their groups. This measure imparts responsibility and helps students to gain a true understanding of their water consumption habbits.

Camp Fire
› Discover the joy and power of storytelling. An essential part of camping and our history, the camp fire helps students to understand how values are passed down from generation to generation through storytelling and song.

Pre-Requisites & Students Selection


Listed are the pre-requisites the school and students must have in order to qualify for the camp.

Selection Of Students

We look forward to the cooperation and commitment of the school in selecting the appropriate students for the programme, so as to ensure a whole hearted instillation of the 5G philosophy.

  • 5G Leadership Camp is a physically and mentally demanding camp. Students attending this camp should be well rested and not be attending other camps immediately prior or after.
  • Students selected should have basic openness towards the concept of authority, and can be empowered to champion a cause with the school’s support. E.g. CCA leaders, club leaders, student leaders, etc.
  • This camp is a holistic experience. Participants must be able to commit to the camp in full and be prepared to forgo other activities or events that fall on the four days of the camp.
Habits of Mind

Habits Of The Mind Addressed In This Programme

For MOE schools that apply the Habits of Mind, this programme addresses the following Habits of Mind

1. Persisting
The outdoors activity will require a level of persistence and hard-work – building up self discipline in this area.

2. Managing impulsivity
Gaining an appreciation of the long term work required by farmers through our urban farming, participants learn about the values of patience and delayed gratification, and the need to stay with tasks that are not immediately rewarding.

3. Meta-cognition
During the outdoor activities, participants are given time to work on tasks alone. The time alone coupled with practical tasks that require a small to moderate level of focus free the mind to slow down and for participants to become aware of their thoughts and thinking processes. Following the outdoor activities, participants will sit quietly to allow time for analysis of their own thinking processes. Both teachers and students alike have commented on the benefit and calmness they felt and observed in others as a result of this important quiet reflection time.

4. Gathering data through all the senses
Our hands on, scenario based activities require the use of all senses for success. During quiet reflection time following activities, participants sit quietly with their eyes closedto enable them to focus on the information coming from the other senses.

5. Creating, imagining, innovating
Through the scenario based activities, participants are exposed to new ways of learning that will fire their imagination. During and after these scenarios, participants are required to imagine themselves under new circumstances and their impacts.

6. Responsible risk taking
Our scenario based activities create a frame work where participants can practice evaluating risks and take calculated risks in a dynamic environmentThis enriches their adaptability and capability to respond rapidly to changing circumstances and to take appropriate risks within a changing world.

7. Responding with wonderment and awe
The natural world is breathtaking in the ingenious simplicity that creates a rich and complex world of interconnections. The environment of the SL Kampung presents an exciting opportunity to engage with all the wonder of nature and re-awaken a sense of awe. The instillment of gratitude and a sense of the good fortune in our lives enables participants to see the world with a new sense of wonder.

8. Clarity of Communication
Through emotional intelligence and team building exercises, particpants will learn the value and importance of clear communication and develop their skills in this area. Our scenario based training places participants in circumstances where clear communication is essential to success.

Programme Schedule

For a Detailed Programme Schedule with Tabled Contents, please contact WOW Kampung.

The presented Programme Schedules may be adjusted to suit special requests and considerations as would be appropriate.

Contact us to discuss how the programme can be customised for your needs.