Amazing Earth

Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Your school
Audience: Available for Upper Primary, Secondary & Tertiary students


  • Ignite excitement and curiosity for sustainable living and environmental science
  • Provoke thought of the role of technology & people in smart cities
  • Introduce new aspects of environmental science through applied learning

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Amazing EarthHave you met JOE – Just One Earth?

We spend everyday of our life on JOE, but how well do we really know him?

JOE is a leading programme by WOW Kampung reaching thousands of students, and Amazing Earth is the newest in the series.

Get to know Earth’s stunning biodiversity, materials and the impacts that even a short exposure to nature has on our own mind and body.

Let us blow your student’s minds in this 2 hour applied learning introduction to:

Biodiversity & Biomimicry  Discover the biodiversity that exists even within a school ground and what it can teach us about creativity and problem solving.

Sustainable Living – Students conduct an experiment to reveal tangible impacts of nature on our mind and body.

Materials Science – Be amazed by the materials that nature creates.

Smart Cities – Examine what is necessary to make a truly smart city.

This session will prime students for deeper learning through:

  • 4 Hours in depth STEM & ALP workshops
  • 3D 2N exclusive green leadership camp

Earth is Amazing FacilsBiomimicryThis fast paced two hours will see students put their wits, creativity and hands on skills into challenges that will humble and amaze them, because our Earth is Amazing.

With engaging facilitation and lively activity, we surpass student expectations about environmental learning to deliver an experience that stimulates students to want to connect with the natural world.

Trained in our living classroom at the Kampung Kampus, our facilitators take real examples from your school environment to highlight the amazing discoveries that are in our own backyard.

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