Be a part of the 5G Generation

Duration: 25-30 mins
Venue: Your school
Audience: Secondary & Tertiary (Youths)

Learning Objectives

  • Familiarise students with the 5Gs
  • For student to understand and appreciate the importance of good character
  • Inspire students to become active participants in their civic duties

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The speaker is very engaging and has struck the right note with the students. The values shared are important not only for Green living but also how they should relate to others.

- Mrs Chan Yew Har,
Methodist Girls School

Inspire your students to become active citizens that champion good values and rounded character. Get to know one of our young leaders and how they have found success, happiness and purpose in their lives by practicing the 5Gs values.

Bring one of our 5G champions to your school to share their inspiring life experience that has brought them to become a 5G leader.

The 5G assembly talk “Be Part of the 5G Generation”, is a motivational talk that calls on students to rethink their civic duty. It comprises of concrete and logical discussion of current issues, emotionally driven stories, and personal experiences sharing by the speaker.

Why a motivational talk

Why a Motivational Talk?

“The challenge now is not to save the planet, but to save civilisation – and that is not a spectator sport.”

- Lester R. Brown

This highly motivating assembly talk contextualises the 5Gs in a way that is relevant to the student’s own lives. This talk impresses upon them the importance of incorporating values into your own character. Our speaker will inspire your students to become responsible citizens, and to rethink their role and their duty in society.

Meet one of the young leaders from Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) – a 21st century hero. Learn how they are using the powers of the 5Gs to shape a kinder, greener, and happier future for Singapore. More importantly, learn how you can take your place alongside a new generation of 5G leaders and create a better and prosperous future for Singapore and yourself.

Talk Arrangements

Scheduling A Talk

  • All talks must be scheduled and confirmed 2-weeks in advance (14-days) of the intended date.
  • The total length of the talk will be 25 to 30-mins long. (Suitable for an assembly talk slot)
  • Respective 30-mins set-up and 15-mins pack-up time before and after the talk is estimated.
  • For most effective outcome from the talk, it is recommended to structure a concrete follow-up activity that the audience can apply their new found motivation to. E.g. 5G Ambassador Training, 5G Leadership Camp, or a relevant programme within your school.

Materials Required

A successful talk requires

  • Projector or video (connected via VGA cable)
  • Microphone
  • Speaker system (connected by 3.5mm/headphone jack)

The presentation will make use of multimedia stored on the speakers laptop – for a successful talk, the A/V system must support being connected to an externally brought laptop.

Programme Schedule

Please contact WOW Kampung for more details about the programme.

The presented Programme Schedules may be adjusted to suit special requests and considerations as would be appropriate.

Contact us to discuss how the programme can be customised for your needs.