Disaster Rebuild Team Building

The ordinary pace of life with all its routines lulls us into a comfort zone of daily rituals, and repetitive interactions. Then the disaster strikes – and everything changes in a heartbeat.

The clock is ticking and immediate action is suddenly imperative.  The ability of adaptation and being able to both gauge and take control of an impending crisis will ultimately define where the thresholds of both survival and success of overcoming are to be set.

It is not the individual’s efforts but the group’s interdependence that counts. What you are able to do together outshines anything that you will be able to do on your own.

Develop your team’s interdependence, and confidence in one another through working under exciting, challenging circumstances towards achievable goals.

Using our living classroom at Bottle Tree Park, your team will learn to adapt and improvise to changing conditions through our scenario based programme.

Take your team into an adrenaline filled adventure within the safety of our living classroom. (Re)discover your sense of drive, and common purpose to build a team that goes beyond work, deadlines and KPI’s.

Through the power of imagination, and a little theatricality on our part, gain key experience and insights into team management within a safe space under the guidance of our experienced facilitators.

Programme Overview

Overcoming the Unexpected

Outdoor adventure team building places your team under challenging conditions that require them to work together in order to discover how to thrive together.

Set in a simulated disaster scenario, this exciting programme creates an environment where team work is not only necessary, but joyfully nurtured through immersive, action based scenario. Facilitated at our Sustainable Living Kampung where we have nurtured a productive, harmonious team, our facilitators bring their experience of forging a tightly bonded team from individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Through the programme the following different opportunities for developing team bonds and team capabilities will be created:

Working as a unit The team will work together as one, strengthening their interdependence and confidence in one another’s ability.
Working in pairs Team members will be paired, offering time to strengthen one-to-one bonds that form the basis of all group interactions.
In silence Developing the team’s ability in non-verbal communications.
Quiet reflection Opportunity for individuals to reflect on their learning and personal revelations.
Group reflection Facilitated discussion and sharing of their discoveries to enable the team to grow together.

Attire For The Activity

All participants should wear:

  • Comfortable, light clothing suitable for outdoors activity
  • Covered shoes
  • Hat
  • Sun screen lotion

Further requirements:

  • Participants should be prepared to get their clothes sweaty, wet and dirty
  • A change of clothes is recommended
  • Participants are advised to bring a reusable water bottle
  • A minimum of 10 pax is required to start a purposeful team building session
Special Requirements

Please advise on the age and physical aptitude of the participants. We will adapt the programme according to needs so as to enable the best possible experience possible for all participants.


Available upon Request

Please contact WOW Kampung for more details about the programme.

Contact us to discuss how the programme can be customised for your needs.

Duration: Half Day
Minimum Pax: 10
Maximum Pax: 30

Event Objectives

To place your team under challenging conditions that requires them to work together in a controlled and creative manner while interacting closely to solve urgently arising problems. This will result in:

  • Develop comfortable relationships, sound communications, and conflict resolution skills with new team members
  • Learning to maintain effective team relationship under pressure
  • Develop an ability to respond quickly and improvise in unfamiliar situations

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