Kampung Culture Retreat

Bask in the relaxing atmosphere of our local Kampung Culture and discover how it transcends 21st Century living to bring us closer together.

Designed as a leisurely and hands-on team cohesion event, participants will learn of this new 21st Century Kampung Culture in a unique Sustainable Living Kampung (SL Kampung) in Bottle Tree Park, Yishun.

Through your journey to the SL Kampung, discover sustainable ideas for homes and offices while bringing your team closer together in order to better appreciate each other, the world, and the role they can play in creating an equitable and thrivable society.


Kampung Coffee and Toast

Every retreat concludes bringing the team together around this popular Kampung Culture activity.

Get back to basics when getting to know each other. Enjoy the team’s company with a causal rest and relaxing time over a Kampung Coffee & Toast – right at the Kampung’s backyard. Experience Gotong Royong (community spirit) when preparing food together.


Choose 2 from the stations below

Home Bottle Planter

Get hands-on with the Kampung no-waste culture and sow a seed for a sustainable future in your DIY PET bottle pot. Integrating helpful tips for planting at home or in the office, bring back a start in bringing more green into our lives.

Earth Painting

Discover your team’s artistic side: collaborate to create a work of art using the very earth we stand on. Earth painting takes soil from our very own terrace and uses it to paint a visual work of art – through the process your team get to express their shared vision for their future as a team.

Fruit Enzyme Making

Be surprised at what was initially thought of to be waste can be turned into effective products of nature. Turn fruit peels into fragrant cleaning solutions with more uses than you think!

Home & Office Composting

The cycle of life is how nature recycles everything. See how it turns plant waste from garden and kitchen into compost; and how you can speed up composting with the help of used coffee grinds or friendly, hard-working worms!

See how this cycle can turn your waste into a powerful fertiliser for your home or office garden.



  • Comfortable clothes that can get wet, sweaty and dirty
  • Closed shoes are recommended

All participants should bring:

  • Hat
  • Water bottle

20 Welcome
20 Tour of SL Kampung
40 Station 1 (Choice of one of four stations)
40 Station 2
60 Kampung Coffee & Toast with Reflections

Programme running time: 3 hours

Duration: Half Day (3 hours)
Minimum Pax: 25
Maximum Pax: 60

Key Outcomes

  • Consolidate team cohesion
  • Relaxation
  • Strengthen understanding of interdependence within the workplace

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