Meet JOE

Duration: 2 hours
Minimum Pax: 20
Maximum Pax: 40

Key Learning Areas

  • Environment and nature appreciation
  • 3R’s
  • Civics: Caring for others and the environment
  • Nurturing a plant

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Do you know that your child has a friend that is with them everywhere? A friend that is always supporting them? A friend that helps their mental and physical well being?

In the last 2 years, over 100 sessions of JOE have been conducted in more than 30 Kindergartens.

Meet our special friend JOE – our Just One Earth – a friend that
inspires artists, and gives countless benefits to our well being.

Discover the joy of playing outside in a safe environment.

Just One Earth (JOE) teaches students the value of our planet and a healthy environment, while teaching practical skills of recycling, reusing, and how to grow small plants in reused bottles.

Through a fun journey meeting our character JOE, students learn to appreciate the beauty and value of the natural environment and it’s importance to our lives. Through the journey, they connect that character, to the nature they encounter daily in their lives.

Once the connection has been established, games, song and craft are used to teach the students how to connect with and protect the environment.

Through the Just One Earth programme, students will gain a hands on appreciation of nature, the environment and working together for a better earth.

Study after study has shown that the natural environment provides immense benefits for a child’s development: improving resilience, building up their immune capacity, developing risk assessment and learning to overcome challenges, as well as emotional and psychological well being benefits.

Give your child a head start on the path to emotional well-being and a connection to their sustainable future – Meet JOE!


“This programme needs to be carried forward to other kindergartens to bring awareness to them. Good Job!” – PCF Serangoon Block 141

“This is so much fun!” – Shouted by a student at PCF Serangoon Block 141

“Developmentally appropriate for preschoolers.” – PCF Bedok Reservoir, Block 508

Required Materials
  • Projector
  • Sound System
  • Each student should bring a 500mL PET bottle
  • Each student should collect seeds from food that is eaten at their home and bring it in
    (eg longan, rambutan, bitter gourd, pumpkin seeds, etc)

Add-Ons and Customisation

Please contact us for customisations.