Personal Sustainability

Duration: Full Day (8 hours)
Minimum Pax: 50
Maximum Pax: 100

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Sustainability and Interconnectedness
  • Ability to take practical, hands-on action
  • Citizenship and responsibility

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The global nature of environmental and sustainability issues can make education of it an abstract and conceptual process that seems disconnected from student’s lives.

How then do we connect students to the impact of sustainability upon their lives and encourage them to create practical solutions that they and others can engage with and continue to learn from?

Give your students an intuitive understanding of their connection to nature and the importance of sustainability in our lives through an immersive one day workshop. This experiential programme literally connects students with the environment, climate change, urbanisation and food security while instilling essential character traits of personal responsibility.

Held at our Sustainable Living Kampung, immerse your students in a 21st Century Kampung Culture – nurturing an understanding of practical action, interconnectedness of our environment, and a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Meet facilitators that are domain experts across different fields. Together, they marry an understanding of sustainability with practical action. Students will work with concepts and problem solving in areas directly related to their own personal environmental impact – this essential aspect ensures a long lasting, deeper understanding of sustainability that helps students realise the creation of solutions that are grounded in real circumstance.

Programme Modules

Three modules are covered during the course of the workshop, nurturing an understanding of nature, community and practical problem solving.

Module 1: Harmony with Earth

Students will understand the importance of the Earth to our daily survival, and how our human interactions are affecting the environment and causing the different environmental issues of today. Understanding of sustainability, interconnectedness, and appreciation nature for both it’s beauty and the services it provides us will be highlighted through hands-on activities.

Module 2: Harmonious, Productive Community

“Is success simply a question of hard work, or do the people around us play a part?”

This key question will be explored as students are given insights into the soft skills that make a community space or a project team successful. Students will be made aware of the human aspect of creation, the skill of listening, and appreciating empathy as a key capacity in designing to meet real needs.

Module 3: Practical Innovation

Necessity is the mother of all invention.

– Plato

Often the necessities that we understand best are our own. Through solving problems in our own lives we learn the value of practicality, and simplicity – finding long term sustainable solutions.

Practical problem solving skills applied in SL Kampung are imparted through approaches to solving real life problems using the simple tools and materials we have around us. The process highlights the simplicity and groundedness necessary to create lasting designs and innovations. Focus will be placed on designing to meet real needs from conceptualisation to creation.

Add-Ons and Customisation

Follow-up project and coaching

At the completion of the workshop, our facilitators can issue a project or design challenge for the students to work on. WOW Kampung will work with you and your faculty to create a project in the realm of sustainability that meets your learning objectives, while continuing the connection of sustainability to personal responsibility in our own lives.

As part of the project development, our facilitators are available to attend sessions at your school to coach students and help them refine their project ideas.


The modules of this workshop can be tailored to elective classes to enable students to understand the connection of sustainability to their areas of study.

Contact us to discuss how the programme can be customised for your needs.



  • Closed shoes
  • Comfortable clothes that can get wet, sweaty and dirty

All students must bring:

  • Hat
  • Water bottle

As part of imparting our philosophy of minimising personal impact, we ask that all students and teachers bring their own plate and eating utensils. Facilities to wash them after use will be provided.